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Here's a little background on our founder:

In 2012, I (Beth Moyes) was working as a social worker at Wesley House Family Services for over 5 years and feeling like I needed a challenge outside of work. I had started running the year before and decided I would like to host a run fundraiser for Anchors Aweigh 12 Step Clubhouse- an organization that is near and dear to my heart for saving the lives of many friends of mine.


Since I still had a demanding job in child welfare, it took 3 months of knocking on business doors for donations after hours and on weekends. It was worth it because by the time the race and silent auction happened in 2013, I had raised over $8,000. The Clubhouse is a private, non-profit building that hosts recovery meetings and they were struggling financially and the money raised assisted in paying their mortgage for the next few months. Due to this success, some friends decided to invest in me and my new venture, Theme Runs, as a way to help many organizations in Monroe County raise money and keep important programs available to the families in this island community. It was a scary leap to leave a salary paid job with benefits to follow a dream, but I'm so glad I did it. (Although some days I do miss direct deposit and paid vacations!)

People always ask - "Beth- how do you get paid?" The truth is I don't, yet. I knew going into this that starting a business meant taking out loans, asking for help from friends, 3-5 years of major sacrifice, and waiting patiently for the business to grow. I work hard on building the business and have lots of part time jobs. It's getting there and I plan to promote some ideas (like the puzzle piece medals) around the country.


The idea that people go to multiple races to collect them and thus helping many charities has worked so well in The Keys, that I think it could work in any community worldwide. I believe that will be financially lucrative one day as well as rewarding and in the meantime, I'll keep growing the events and get Theme Runs in the black. I'm living a dream life where I get to wear costumes for work and help people get healthy while having fun and giving back to the community. Thanks for reading! 

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