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Here we'll try and answer the most common questions that come up. The questions are grouped by event, so simply scroll down to the race you're interested in.

Buddy Pass


What is the Buddy Pass?


It's a 5K run/walk for the Anchors Aweigh clubhouse in Key West. If you sign up with a buddy, you save on the registration fee.


Are T-Shirts Included?


No, but T-Shirts are available for puchase. To make sure the charity gets the most money, we have a price for registration, then an additional price for every T-Shirt you purchase. That way we can charge less for the race and the charity doesn't have to pay for extra shirts that might not be sold.


Where does the money go?


Every single penny, after costs for things like medals, insurance and permits goes to Anchors Aweigh. Theme Runs is even donating their employee time and all race equipment.


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Heroes and Villains Run

How far is 5K?


It is 3.1 miles.
Do I have to run it?


No! We want people to have FUN. Run, walk, skip, crawl, fly –whatever. You just have to complete the race on your own, without mechanical assistance. Just remember this simple rule: Walkers cannot run any portion of the course. Runners can run or walk.
If I sign up as a walker, can I run?


Are there awards?


Yes. There are awards for:
Overall Winner Male
Overall Winner Female
Masters Male
Masters Female

1st 2nd 3rd Male and Female in each of the following:
Ages 0-9
Male Walker 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Female Walker 1st, 2nd, 3rd




Costume Awards!
What else do I get?


Every participant gets a puzzle piece medal.

Tutu Relay


What is a Tutu 10K Relay?

It is a relay race where you pass a tutu to your teammate. There are two mandatory passing places at mile 2 and mile 4. Each person wears it for their “leg” of the race. (The best example is the commercial on the Tutu Relay page.)


How long is the race?

10K = 6.2 miles.


What is a “leg” of the race?

A leg of the race means a section. This race is 6.2 miles. You can decide how many sections or “legs” you would like to divide the race into.


Do I have to pass the tutu?

Yes. This wouldn’t be a relay if you didn’t! You are required to pass it twice, at mile 2 and mile 4. However, you can pass it as many additional times as you want.


How many people can run the race?

Because this is a relay, it must be run with at least 2 people so that the tutu can be passed at least twice. However, this race is meant to be FUN so we don’t want to tell you how to do it. Let me give some examples to make it easier:


  • 2 person team – Both people may choose to run together for the entire 6.2 miles and pass the tutu back and forth at miles 2 and 4.
  • 3 person team – Each team member runs 2 miles and then passes the tutu to the next teammate
  • 4 or 5 person team – You can decide who runs what distance each person runs, just make sure the tutu gets passed at miles 2 and 4, at the required, designated tutu passing stations.
  • 6 person team – Each person would run 1 mile and pass the tutu to the next person.


How will I meet up with my teammates on the course/how will I get to my “leg” of the race?

PLAN AHEAD. The course runs 3.1 miles out from the start and back. (Start line is at Salute, 1000 Atlantic Blvd Key West. Time 8am) You will need to drive your teammates to where they will wait to be passed the tutu, or they will have to walk or bike.


What if I want to join but need a team?

Please email or post it on Facebook and you will get a response. However, teams MUST be decided by 6am Saturday morning. If you come to the race without a team, we may not be able to register you in time.


What if I want to add people to my team?

At this point it is preferable to try and sign up everyone at one time. However, we also know this will be more fun with more friends, so if you do have someone that you’d like to add, please call Beth Moyes (305) 747-8563 by 11:00am on Thursday May 30th with all of the information on the additional person(s) and we’ll get them in!


What do I get with my registration?

Besides a super fun time, each person gets a finisher medal.


Will there be food/water/beer?

Yes! We will have water, bagels, and fruit to snack on at the start/finish line AND out on the race course for those awaiting their teammates. There will be free beer at the finish line.


Do I have to run?

No! This is meant to be a fun time and every age is welcome. We encourage families to bring younger children and help them learn that being healthy can be fun. We know that no matter what age you are, there aren’t that many people who run on a regular basis. Feel free to walk, run, or twirl to the finish line!


Are there going to be awards, in addition to the finisher medals?

Yes! We have awards in the following categories:

Best Team Costume

1st Fastest Minors team (all members 18 and under)

1st Fastest Masters team (all members 40 and over) 

1st, 2nd 3rd Fastest All Male team

1st, 2nd 3rd Fastest All Female team

1st, 2nd 3rd Fastest Mixed team


Where should I park?

There is parking on the right side of Salute Restaurant (we will be set up on the left/east side). There is also parking east of Salute along Atlantic Blvd, in the Indigenous Park parking lot at the corner of Atlantic Blvd. and on White Street.


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The Red Shirt Run


What is the Red Shirt Run?


The Red Shirt Run is our event dedicated to AIDS Help of Monroe County. We donate our time and equipment completely for this race and all the money we raise goes directly to the charity.


For this event, wearing red is encouraged and of course costumes are rewarded with prizes!


What this event means for AIDS Help:

Every year in Key West a week long festival called Fantasy Fest occurs. As a part of the festival, there is a King and Queen of Fantasy Fest. Candidates who compete for the title spend two months raising money. The king and queen candidates who raise the most, win.


Yes, it's the only election you can LEGALLY buy!


The Red Shirt Run is one of the fundraisers for all candidates to boost their campaign. half of every entry fee will go to the candidate of that participant's choice. The other half goes to a general kitty that is given to the candidate that brings the most participants.


Come support your candiate, AIDS Help, to win a new puzzle piece and to have a blast in a 5K run!

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