Green Initiatives

Our company philosophy is to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible. To achieve this, we've done the following things.


In our offices...


  • Our advertising is heavily concentrated on digital media such as television commercials, online advertising and social media. When we do use traditional marketing, we try and reduce their impact.
  • We print small runs of posters in-house so we don't have to order or ship more than we need from outside vendors.
  • For large print jobs, we chose a printer ( that only uses paper from trees harvested under the Sustainable Forest Initiative. Our printer also only uses waterless printing - a practice superior to conventional lithographic printing with regards to both print quality and concern for the earth. 
  • On our promotional cards we print information for two races, one on each side to save paper.
  • We use laptop computers because they require less power to run than traditional desktops.


At events...


  • We're the FIRST racing company in the Keys to go entirely paperless for our registration. No more paper forms or waivers, saving hundreds of sheets of paper per race. You can register with your smartphone, using our ipads or on your computer at home. This innovation also allows us to take online registrations right up to a few minutes before the race. That also means we eliminated printing labels for the bibs, saving more time and paper!
  • We use trash bags made out of recycled materials.
  • Trash bags are black and marked TRASH.
  • Recycle bags are blue and marked RECYCLE.
  • We train our volunteers to assist with making sure the bags are separated.
  • In 2014 we switched our "goody bags" to a biodegradable plastic. In large races of over 1,500 people we use a "virtual bag" to eliminate waste entirely.
  • Every race uses hundreds of plastic cups for runners to grab a quick drink from as they go by. To reduce the impact of all those cups, we use ones from a company called GreenStripe. Every cup is made from "corn plastic" that can be derived from starchy plants like corn, potatoes, tapioca, sugarcane, and soy protein. In the U.S., "corn plastic" or PLA is typically made from corn kernels that are milled and processed to extract the simple sugar dextrose.

    It performs like plastic, but it's made from annually renewable resources like corn plants. Another big benefit is all our cups are able to be composted commercially.

    The final benefit is that all our cups are BPA free.
  • To take payments for last minute entrants, we don't print out receipts. We email or text a receipt to customers to save paper.


We're working on other ideas, including the purchasing of carbon credits. As we implement things that work, we'll post them here.

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