Rain Day Run!

If it rains during the time of a scheduled run, the event will NOT be cancelled unless it presents a danger to the participants. Instead, we'll be awarding a VERY special puzzle piece to everyone who finishes.


In addition to the regular puzzle piece for the race you complete, you'll ALSO receive a RAIN DAY RUN puzzle piece to add to your collection. But you've got to show up and complete the run.


The RAIN DAY RUN puzzle piece will be given at THEME RUNS races which include the Buddy Pass, Tutu Relay, Red Shirt Run, Heroes and Villains 5K and the illuminated 5K


Some races that Theme Runs provides timing for will offer the RAIN DAY RUN puzzle piece, but only if they state so in their information page. 


The RAIN DAY RUN puzzle piece is shown here.


Here's what our lawyers insisted we include: The decision to award the RAIN DAY RUN puzzle piece is left up to the sole discretion of the management of Theme Runs, Inc. Being overcast, rain earlier in the morning or later in the day doesn't count.

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